Cindy's Pet Sitting & Dog Walking

Quality pet care in the comfort of your pet's own home.


❤  Pet Care Rates & Services

I offer the following services for your pet(s) which includes:  Dogs, cats, birds, farm animals, fish/reptiles and other small mammals. And of course peace of mind for your home.  

I'm sorry but I do not board pets at my home.
No overnight visits at this time.

I am an insured member of PSA (Pet Sitter Associates ~ #66145) with numerous client references that you are more than welcome to contact.

What to expect: I listen to your needs and determine if we are a good fit before I come over for an initial meeting. This includes requiring that you have and are able to use a cell phone (including texting), in case of an emergency and for pet updates. Pricing for pet sitting is dependent on pet needs, the distance involved with getting to your home and time required for visits.  When hired, we go through your pet's routines, house services needed and your schedule.  I will also leave you my pet information forms and references to check, if you're so inclined, as well as a copy of my insurance information. I ask that you have the forms filled out, signed and ready for me before my first pet sitting visit; please just leave them on your dining room table, along with your payment.  I also will need to collect a spare key, unless you have key-less entry (I will need a code)  at our first meeting and full payment for pet sitting before each service begins.  Cash and personal checks and payment via Paypal are accepted. 

Initial get-acquainted visit is FREE: Please give me at least a days' notice with a meet & greet for better scheduling results. I usually like to meet with you and your pets in the evening after work, in the mornings, or on the weekends to go over actual routines, if possible, with your pet. No weekday afternoons.This also includes your dog walking techniques, to avoid any later confusion. Dog meet & greets are to be during daylight hours, since they go outdoors quite a bit for visits, for better visibility. Any future, additional, meet & greets are $18 depending on the area,

Keys: I will need a spare key made to keep, for my future use and have them safely in my possession. If you would like your key returned, I will either leave it behind, with your permission, or I will mail it back to you. You will need to make another appointment for a meet and greet for me to pick it up again, however, at your home.

Cancellation Policy: I require at least a 24 hour cancellation notice or there will be a charge equivalent to the visit(s) cost missed, since you are reserving my time. This is for all services; drop ins and walking. This fee is due at least by the next scheduled visit or I will no longer be of service to you. There also unfortunately are no pet sitting refunds once visits have begun, if you happen to come home early for whatever reason.

Holiday Rates:
Please add $5 per visit for the following holidays: New Year's Eve, New Year's Day, Easter, 4th of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day.

Service Areas:  Fair Oaks and surrounding areas.


Pet Sitting Rates (drop in)

•  15 minute express visit - $15.00 (0-3 miles from FO village)
•  30 min visit -   $18.00  (0-5 miles from FO village)
•  30 min visit -   $22.00 
(5-10 miles from FO village)
•  30 min visit -   $26.00  (10-15 miles from FO village)

Walks are at an additional rate of $5 per visit. This is for a 15-20 minute walk.

* FO village area is calculated from Fair Oaks blvd & Sunrise blvd, in Fair Oaks.


All visits Include:

  • Providing fresh food and water
  • Play time and exercise (in your home or yard)
  • Potty breaks
  • Administration of medication if needed (including insulin injections)
  • Litter box and cage cleaning
  • Veterinary (transport) in case of illness
  • Brushing and therapeutic pet massage
  • Daily text updates and pictures of your pets enjoying themselves
  • Videos and/or face-timing upon request.
  • Basic pet clean up
  • Most importantly lots of love and affection for your pet

Home Services (at no extra cost)

  • Mail & package collection
  • Newspaper collection
  • Watering plants
  • Put out trash
  • Security (alternate lights & window covering)


Dog Walking

Dog walking is on leash at all times.  Our walk is both fast-paced but leisurely, when they want to check things out, so that they are well exercised but also enjoy themselves. ...  Large/medium dogs who pull a lot, and pull hard are advised to have a special harness or collar of some kind for everyone's safety.  Otherwise, a regular collar (please make sure there's an ID tag attached) and leash are okay.  I will work with regular dog walking clients on training to heel, with more of a "loose collar" approach with correcting the behavior and also a lot of praise when they do what is expected of them.  Micro-chipping is highly advised in addition to wearing an ID tag. Small dogs are best with a body harness, if possible, for their safety and comfort. And a sweater or light coat is recommended for chilly mornings with smaller dogs, and especially dogs who have short fur. 

We walk your dogs by themselves (within the same household) and with no other dogs, unless you'd like to have a neighbor friend picked up along the way. They enjoy the social aspect of having company and it's more the merrier to me.

Dogs are never to be taken to the dog park and are not allowed to be around other unknown  dogs with how unpredictable they can be with each other. They also will not be walked near busy streets whatsoever.

We offer dog walking along the river (with the 60 min river visit only) and have over 10 years of experience with doing this, with living by the river and walking our own dogs and client's dogs (Molly is pictured in her British sweater on this page) down there. All the same rules and precautions apply as above, for their own safety from coyotes and rattlesnakes but sometimes do use an extendable leash, so that they can enjoy themselves a bit more. A rattlesnake anti-venom vaccine is highly advisable during warmer weather, just in case. We also carry a stun gun for scaring away unleashed dogs who come charging up sometimes; the sound alone is startling.

Waste is picked up and disposed of properly.

Walking is done rain or shine, preferably in the morning, depending on your dog but hot afternoons (over 80 degrees) will be spent in your backyard or indoors with a ball.


30 min ~ (within 5 miles of FO village)  ~   $20.00 ~ in your neighborhood.

30 min ~ (within 5 miles of village)  3+ walks per wk ~ $15 per walk~ your neighborhood.

(if you choose to do 2 walks in one week, the cost is $20.00 per walk)

60 min (river) walk ~ $45.00 ~ transportation included. Please schedule this at least a few days in advance.