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About me...

Hi there, and welcome to my page!

My pet business started in the Fall of 2014 as a part-time dog walking venture for my neighbors but as my love for the work grew, so did my desire to branch out into a full time pet sitting. It’s been a very rewarding and interesting journey! 

I’ve lived and absolutely enjoyed being a part of the Fair Oaks community since 1979 and went to Bella Vista high school, then to American River College for my AA degree but changed course eventually (from the dental field) to do things more independently. 

I am a mother of a wonderful 23 year old daughter who goes to Sac State for her biology degree in forensics (are you sure!?!) and also have 3 bratty chihuahua mixes, a perfect (at least that’s what she has us believe ;))  tortoise shell calico and a few old lady chickens + a beautiful silikie roo.. 

My dream goal is to someday own a rescue sanctuary for all animals who sometimes haven’t had an easy life, by no fault of their own, to retire to and be loved unconditionally. 

I feel that I stand out with being a CMT, and owning my own massage therapy business since 1998 (prior to that, I was in the dental field for 14 years).and am very good at communicating.  I also enjoy incorporating my massage and healthcare skills into my pet business, to make even happier, healthier and more copacetic pets.

I have had dogs, cats, rabbits, chickens and even a goat, growing up and always found them to all be creatures I could feel at one with, especially living far out in the country, in Paso Robles, CA, for most of my childhood. Lots of besties in the woods too.

What I mostly enjoy about this work, is making pets feel that they are cared for and loved as you would, like there is no gap between your absence. Their time on this earth isn't as long as ours, and I believe every moment should count with their happiness.

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